Launching in Spring 2017

Discovering new values


Our goal in REALQ is to connect and share mutual values of our youth in Japan and the rest of the world.
We believe that spreading these values will give our youth a bigger perspective of the world.

Any Questions?

Miracles in the Asking!

Simple and innocent questions from children and youngsters can at time make a huge impact in ways that adults may not imagine.

By finding answers to these questions, the values of this world may become more visible to us. In this project, we will face up to these questions with experts, and transmit these values to the world.


Discover a whole new Japan

Your stay in Japan will most likely be limited, therefore TIME is essential. As the saying goes, “Time is Money”, well more importantly, time is not only money, “Time is LIFE”.
If you can simulate your trip before your actual departure, you should be able to experience much more during your stay in Japan in a more time effective way.

We in REALQ are dedicated in introducing to you Japanese culture, foods, events and many other aspects of Japanese life in order to make your stay in Japan a much more comfortable, time effective, and cost-worthy experience.


Rediscovery from the roots

Education is an important theme for any country. However, due to advanced technology and changes in the world, it is becoming difficult for schools to teach about important aspects of life that youngsters really need to learn.

In such an era, the life and experiences of leading experts in different industries will become one of the best textbooks. In this project, we will set the age as 12, the average age for puberty, and dig into the childhood and life of stars and experts from an educational point of view.


Otaqueen English now arrived!


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